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2018 Conference Review

Potato Expo 2018


It is a year of pioneering and innovative year for Potato Expo 2018. Following the policy of Potato as Staple Food,Potato Expo cooperated with Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission for the first time in this year to develop the exhibition zone for potato as staple food, where one batch of potato staple food products fit for consumers within the Yangtze River delta region and matured processing technologies and auxiliary production equipment had been exhibited, which had driven the development and upgrading of potato staple food industry throughout the country. The exhibitors thought Potato as Staple Food Area was a creative platform for Shanghai potato showing. It was also an excellent opportunity for exploring the new market.

We establish a creative and diverse platform from farmland to table.

2018 Global Starch Industry Conference


By upholding the motto “Serving exhibitors and professional visitors, the Starch Expo concurrently hold the fifth “Global Starch Industry Conference 2018”, which is jointly organized by China Starch Industry Association and UBM Group and were vigorously supported and participated by CIP-China Center for Asia and the Pacific (CCCAP), Thai Tapioca Trade Association (TTTA), Agriculture Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Food Science and Technology Institute of Massey University and other foreign associations and domestic and foreign industry authorities.


Food and Fermentation Industries High-tech & Equipment Forum 2018


1 discussion about fermentation high-tech / 5 top level speakers / 80 professional audients