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2019 Conference Preview

Shanghai Potato Staple Pavilion


We establish a creative and diverse platform from farmland to table

According to the FAO, Chinese potato consumption is mainly food consumption (60%), forage consumption (23%), processing consumption (8.7%), seed consumption (3.2%), wastage (5%) and other consumption (0.3%). It is predicted that the global potato processing market will grow at an average annual rate of 4.88% in 2017-2021. Staple food products, leisure food and beverage will gradually become a new trend in the market.Potato Expo cooperated with Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission for the first time in 2018 to develop the exhibition zone for potato as staple food, where one batch of potato staple food products fit for consumers within the Yangtze River delta region. In 2019, Potato Expo will expand the display area of staple food and invite more featured enterprises, exhibitors and visitors in a wider range of regions to lead the development of potato staple food in China towards diversification, flavor and innovation.