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2020 Conference Review

Shanghai Potato Staple Pavilion


We establish a creative and diverse platform from farmland to table

Potato Staple Food strategy is a major layout at the national level, which is of great significance to ensure nationalfood security. In order to further advance the national strategy of 'Potato Staple Food', guide the public to improvetheir dietary structure and enhance people's physical fitness, the 'Shanghai Potato Staple Food Pavilion' is speciallyset up at the Potato Expo 2019 sponsored by National Industries Association of Potato Staple Food and undertakenby Shanghai UBM Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. At the expo, Chinese Academy of AgriculturalSciences, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and many famous potato processing enterprises in Shanghai, such asTramy, Babi, Want Want, Ganso, Delthin, Heshou have launched a series of products with theme of making potatoesa staple food, as well as 3D printing potato food and potato mashed processing technology exhibition. We havedeveloped a batch of potato staple food products suitable for the taste of consumers in the Yangtze River Deltaregion.

2020 Starch Fermentation Products and Equipment Innovation Forum

Date: 25 Nov 13:00-15:00
Location Onsite Conference Room ,  Hall 4.1