19-21 June, NECC (Shanghai)

Reasons for the Surge of Confirmed NCP Cases

According to experts, the number of newly confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) on 12 February released by Hubei Province increased significantly because it included the 13,332 cases confirmed by clinical diagnosis. This new diagnosis standard will contribute to the targeted treatment of previously unconfirmed cases as well as the overall epidemic control.

According to Tong Zhaohui, an expert of the central government steering group and vice-president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, the inclusion of clinical diagnosis can give doctors one more basis for diagnosis of the disease. In fact, a large number of suspected cases can be confirmed based on a combination of factors in clinical diagnosis, including epidemiological history, clinical symptoms such as fever, respiratory coughs and shortness of breath, clinical signs, and CT images. Clinically diagnosed cases are therefore included as confirmed cases in Hubei now. Previously, we mainly relied on nucleic acid testing for the confirmation of cases.